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Lesbian Sex Quiz:

Are you into kink?
No Maybe
How do you give oral sex?
I don't do this Lots of licking (very sensitive and nice)
Like a Kitten on Crack  
What is your favorite part of a woman's body?
Ass Vagina/Pussy
Personality Arms
Legs Breast
What is Lesbian foreplay to you?
Hard An Ocean with no bottom
Soft & Sweet (a lot of mutual respect) X-rated Sappho-Erotic pleasure to the Max
How many sex partners do you have in a year?
less than 10 10-30
30-50 more than 50
Quality over Quantity  
If you lived on Wonder Woman's Paradise island, what would you do as a career?
Head of Amazon Security Sports Director
De-Virginizer & Dildo Mistress The Huntress
Catwoman's Bitch Pleasure Mistress
Is safe sex important to you (from a Lesbian's perspective)?
No Only if you go outside your relationship
Sometimes Yes
What is hot sex to you?
Screwing until you are sore Slow, but hot
Lots of Suprises Spiritual Connection
Do you have sex on the first date?
Yes No
Sometimes Depends on the woman
Do you like porno?
Yes No
Only with someone else Lesbian porno only, not "gay4pay" glamour girls
Are you a Top, Bottom, or Versatile?
Top Bottom
Versatile Miss Can't Do No Wrong In the Bedroom
What phrases below best describe sex with you?
Cool, Smooth, and Lady-like Nasty and In Charge (You're my bitch now)
Passive and good Tongue Princess
Do you like dildos?
No Sometimes
Yes Non-phallic ones
Do you like big or small breasts?
Small Big
Very Big Not Important (inside is sexier)
What are your favorite places to do it at?
Kitchen Bedroom
Bathroom Outside
Livingroom Anywhere my woman wants
Do you combine drugs with sex?
Yes, I'm Chemical Friendly Sometimes
True Lesbians are anti-drug  
Have you ever done a 3-way?
No Yes
A few times  
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