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Lesbian Love Quiz:

What is love to you?
Hot Sex with bank accounts Hot Sex & Passion straight out of the movies
Passion, Committment, and Responsibility A Woman who knows kindness
A person to call friend and lover  
What is a romantic date to you?
Walking in the park chatting Sexy dinner at a chic restaurant
Cuddling on the Couch A weekend in the mountains
Dinner and a Movie  
Is sex important for romance to flourish for a lesbian woman like yourself?
No Sometimes
I don't like sex Yes
What is your favorite type of movie for a romantic date?
Horror Flick (makes you snuggle with me) Porno Movie (to get you in the mood)
Sci-Fi (dream new worlds with you) Thriller (I love intelligent men)
Drama (Yes) Art House Flick (I like to think)
Do you believe in gifts for Valentine's Day?
No Yes
Only if they come with Lesbian Cards  
Do you write love letters or sexy e-mails to your mate?
No Yes
What makes love for Lesbians work in your opinion?
Understanding Woman who isn't closeted
Hot Sex Diva Passion
Trust and Serious Outlook  
Do you like to kiss?
No Sometimes
Do you show public display of affection, such as holding hands?
Maybe, if it's at an all gay venue No, I'm very closeted
Yes Absolutely Yes, I'm not ashamed of our love
If I was sick, what would you do to take care of me?
Give you a massage Rent your favorite movies
Give you Chicken Noodle Soup Buy you your favorite thing
Do anything you tell me too  
Do you believe in marriage?
No Not for Lesbians, but legal arrangements are fine by me
How do you know when love is real?
A Certain Feeling When the person seems very serious
When we move past sex  
What do you say to make your gal feel better when she's down?
It will get better I understand
Let's do something fun All of the above
How do you want a woman to make you feel?
Alive and Important Center of Attention
Lot's of Sex Needed and Valued
Like I'm her best friend  
Do you believe in secrets?
Yes No
How do you make up after an arguement with the one you love?
Kiss and Makeup space
Hot Sex Eye to Eye Talkfest
Write a letter  
What would you say at my funeral?
She made my life worth living Silent & Sexy, yet sad
A good woman and friend No words can describe our love
My Queen  
Do you think butch women are romantic?
No To a point
Do you think feminine or "girlie-girl" women are romantic?
No Sometimes
Can you love a woman who makes less money than you?
No Maybe
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