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Gay Compatibility Quiz:

When do you know a guy is right for you?
When he calls I'll know
Buy the way I feel  
Do you like to exercise?
No Yes
I live and breath the gym  
Is a mate who has a nice body important to you?
No Yes
How do you spend your free time?
Working Out With friends
At home All of the above
Are you neat or messy?
Messy Neat
Do you want to live with another guy or have separate places?
Separate places Will See When the Time Comes
Live together  
Are you out to your family, friends, and/or work?
No Not important to me
If your mate is out, is that a problem?
Maybe Yes
Is money important to you?
Yes Maybe
Do you like to travel?
No Yes
Only with the person I love  
Where do you like to vacation at?
non-gay resort Sexclub or hotel
Gay resort Camping
Foreign destination Beach
Would you date or couple with someone of another race or ethnic group?
I don't answer race questions No
Are Democrats better for gay issues?
No Yes
How many times do you think a couple should have sex in a relationship?
when I want it 3 times a week
every night 5 times a week or more
Do you want to have children?
No Yes
Do you think gay lifestyle and religion can be mixed?
No Maybe
Do you own a house or rent?
Live at home w/parents Rent
Will buy home when I have boyfriend Own
Do you leave the bathroom door open when you use it?
Yes No
Do you like cultural things?
No Yes
Do you want a relationship?
Never, I like sex too much No
When the time is right Yes
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